Friday, January 27, 2012

Our L.O.V.E Story

Over 20 years ago Phillip finally got to come "into town" and go to school in Show Low for the 6th grade. He says he remembers seeing me in Mrs. Mell's class and thinking...I'm going to marry that girl some day. Well years went by and we were friends but nothing ever came of it. One Sunday afternoon as I'm sitting outside of Olive Garden in Pardise Valley out walks Phillip (on the phone, I should of know I was marrying his phone and then him) but out walks Phillip and I swear in that moment I got this feeling that I was supposed to marry him. We had lost touch for a few years so it was the weirdest thing not to mention I was there with my fiance and was to be married in a month or so. I took a week off of work and did a little soul searching and called everything off and then gave Phillip a call and asked him to take me out! On our first date I laid everything out on the table as to what I was wanting and looking for and 18 months later we were married! That boy has spoiled me to death and drove me crazy the last 5 years but I sure love him! We were just saying how this last year has been the BEST year yet and can't wait for it to keep getting better! I'm so thankful our marriage is eternal and the personal choices Phil and I have made so that our sweet family can be together forever, what a blessing that is to know as a wife and a mother. I am so thankful for the father Phil is to our family and how hard he works each and every day to provide for us. Thanks Babe for the last 5 years, I heart our L.O.V.E. story...I sure feel like one lucky girl to have you by my side!!!

we had the worst photographer in the world...makes me sad!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Can I just say Livvi ROCKED it skiing for the first time at Sunrise! Grand-dude totally hooked Livvi up and got her a private lesson and off she went! Her instructor Claudia said she had great balance and might acutally be skiing by next year. Can I just tell you we were such proud parents. I'm pretty sure we took a thousand pictures of this cute girl! Thanks Grand-dude and Grandma for making this such a special day for Liv, she sure loved it!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas was so fun this year. We did so many fun things with the both of our families and it was so neat to see little Liv get so excited. I think her favorite thing was to go look at the Christmas lights at night, I have missed doing that as a family. Dylan was such a great Christmas present for our family, he's healthy, happy and oh so smiley:)

Livvi is in LOVE with Minnie Mouse

Dylan's first Christmas

Yay I finally surprised Phil and got him a gun!!!

Christmas Day, we sure enjoyed going to church as a family and feeling the sweet sprit that day! How thankful we are for the birth of our Savior and all that he has done for us so we can be an eternal family.

Pops keeping the tradition and reading to the kids about the birth of Christ

All the cute cousins hanging out Christmas Eve

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pictures with Grandma

Phillips mom got all the grand-kids matching outfits and wanted to get Christmas pictures. I must say it was a lot of work getting all these cute kids to smile but they sure turned out cute!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No Sleep

I feel sad I am so behind on my blog, we have been so busy and doing lots of fun things. I'm wishing I would of posted Dylans blessing, Halloween, Phil's Birthday, Thanksgiving Craft Day with all the cute kids and sooo much more but I'm not getting much sleep these days and I feel so behind. Dylan is oh so sweet, so smiley and just a happy little boy, we sure feel lucky he's ours.

Livvi is such a great Big Sis and sure does love her little brother!

He's getting so strong

Thanksgiving Craft Day...soo much fun but realized I'm so grateful I didn't become a school teacher!

poor Dylan had to get his labs drawn because he got an ear infection...he didn't even cry but I sure did!

He's such a sweet baby and getting sooo big!

Daddy turns 32

Grana Great sure does love holding Dylan

Dylan's blessing day...what a sweet sweet day!

First Halloween

The cutest lil Minnie Mouse

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{1 Month}

I can't believe our sweet Dylan is already one month, actually 5 weeks I'm just a little behind! Dylan is so alert and starting to give us the sweetest smiles. He loves to be held and we love to hold him, I feel like I could hold him all day long and get nothing done. He loves to sleep on his tummy but prefers to sleep on my chest. He graduated to size 1 diapers last week, he is getting so big and growing fast he now weighs 10.7lbs! He's a sweet baby and as long as he is fed and has a clean diaper you would never know he's here. Livvi has been a huge help she loves to change diapers and feed him bottles. She is very protective if any of her cousins come to close to him, she says "it's my baby brother"!

Okay so I came downstairs this morning to sweet Liv and she says "I'm ready for school" this girl melts my heart and cracks me up!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dylan Chase

September 6, 2011
6:21 pm
8.5 lbs
20.5 inches

Phil does such a great job of taking pictures and recording the entire delivery, I have c-sections so I don't mind!!!

Love our first family pic together

Livvi has been such a great big sister! She is constantly telling us to "Shhhh!!! Baby brother sleeping!"

We had such a HARD time agreeing on the perfect took 3 days for us to figure it out!!!

First tubby

Nothing better than two clean babies

This little babe has been nothing but sweet since he was born, I feel so blessed to have a healthy little boy and I'm so thankful everything went so well! I must say boys are an adjustment when you are used to girls. I wish someone told me to push his stuff down when changing a diaper because for the first few days I wasn't sure if I could keep up on all the laundry we were going through. I feel so lucky to be a mom, there is nothing sweeter than a sweet baby, straight from heaven that is brought into your home. Life is good!

I hope Dylan will know how lucky he is to have such a sweet BIG SISTER!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

girls night out

We had one fun girls night out! I had Abby and Gracie over before they started school this week so we could have one big party and boy did we party! I don't think there is anything sweeter than hearing three little girls giggle over the most silliest things. I feel like Livvi is so lucky to have them, it's almost like they are all sisters. Liv has been going to Suni's since she was 12 weeks old, three days a week and it has been such a blessing, she has gotten so much love from them they just adore her. Between swimming, getting pedicures, eating out, having ice cream, watching movies and a little coloring these sweet girls wore me out! I sure love that I get to be their Aunt!

Oh and can I just say the LOOKS I get when I go into public with these cute girls, three girls and one soon on the way...people look at me like I'm crazy it's soo funny! It was even worse one night when I had Averi to add to the bunch, I just know people wanted to offer free birth control to me! ha!