Friday, January 27, 2012

Our L.O.V.E Story

Over 20 years ago Phillip finally got to come "into town" and go to school in Show Low for the 6th grade. He says he remembers seeing me in Mrs. Mell's class and thinking...I'm going to marry that girl some day. Well years went by and we were friends but nothing ever came of it. One Sunday afternoon as I'm sitting outside of Olive Garden in Pardise Valley out walks Phillip (on the phone, I should of know I was marrying his phone and then him) but out walks Phillip and I swear in that moment I got this feeling that I was supposed to marry him. We had lost touch for a few years so it was the weirdest thing not to mention I was there with my fiance and was to be married in a month or so. I took a week off of work and did a little soul searching and called everything off and then gave Phillip a call and asked him to take me out! On our first date I laid everything out on the table as to what I was wanting and looking for and 18 months later we were married! That boy has spoiled me to death and drove me crazy the last 5 years but I sure love him! We were just saying how this last year has been the BEST year yet and can't wait for it to keep getting better! I'm so thankful our marriage is eternal and the personal choices Phil and I have made so that our sweet family can be together forever, what a blessing that is to know as a wife and a mother. I am so thankful for the father Phil is to our family and how hard he works each and every day to provide for us. Thanks Babe for the last 5 years, I heart our L.O.V.E. story...I sure feel like one lucky girl to have you by my side!!!

we had the worst photographer in the world...makes me sad!


  1. What a sweet story!!! Congratulations on five years!! I do love the picture, it sure looks like a beautiful day :)

  2. Isn't it wonderful how it just keeps getting better? I just thought I loved my husband in the beginning but now I know it just keeps growing deeper. I'm sorry about the bad photographer! That always seems to happen to people on their wedding day:(